About Us

Our company imports:

Our company performs all acquisition, management and control activities from foreign manufacturing to final destination. We provide qualified and reliable international suppliers search services at reasonable price and take care of procedures, logistics, shipping, customs clearance and everything else. Documents necessary to complete the import process as quickly as possible without violations.

Our company exports:

We strive to obtain exclusive rights to many Finnish products and distribution agreements in the Middle East, Arab and European markets, and the company exports these products to its willing customers, and always strives to provide the best competitive prices, high quality products and all management services required for international packaging and shipping procedures, documents, logistics and tracking Delivery to the final destination.

We handle business negotiations on your behalf:

Extensive research on the required products, determining the best prices and quality, and presenting them to the buyer or seller, a comprehensive study of the business process, its requirements and costs, providing available opportunities and appropriate offers, and facilitating communication among them.

Informing the importer-buyer of the products by sending samples and ensuring that they are received. Coordination, monitoring and complete control of the business process from start to finish to ensure its success and implementation in accordance with the agreement between all parties. Eliminate obstacles, simplify business processes, and quickly solve work obstacles

Helping all parties, seller and buyer, to achieve fruitful contracts, partnerships and successful business alliances.

We provide appropriate marketing services and solutions and work to communicate with the majority of customers to achieve the desired .